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Remote Monitoring
For large plants or off-site control of water treatment systems, CE Water partners with key industry manufacturers employing state-of-the-art equipment provide our customers the control and assurance of web-based monitoring. Utilizing the capabilities of the wide web, our systems can continuously monitor and control industrial water systems.

These web-based controllers have proven to be the most innovative and functional product in the water treatment industry. They offer the ability to control and monitor cooling towers, boilers, and process water systems by using a standard web browser from any computer, anywhere in the world. Additionally, most web-based controllers deliver a range of new technological capabilities including; user-friendly programming, multi-user access, email notifications for datalogs, alarms, and system summaries/histories.

Web-Based Controls & Remote Monitoring (Example)
Functional-Capabilities Features
  • One-Step Connection
  • View Current Readings
  • Email Alarm Notifications
  • Change Settings
  • Manage Users
  • History Graphs and Logs
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Set-up Auto Reporting
  • 128 Bit Encryption Security
  • Back-up Assured History Storage
  • No Proprietary Software to Load
  • DHCP, Static IP, Phone or Cell Modem Connection
  • Constant Connection Monitoring
  • Log in From Any Computer with Internet Access
  • No Downloads to Perform
  • Summary Reports

A large part of successful water treatment programs is the use of quality feed and control equipment. Without properly installed equipment, it's not possible to properly dispense chemicals designed to protect the system. CE Water offers a full line of water treatment controls, storage, testing, and feed equipment. Water treatment control and feed system design and implementation assistance is readily available.

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