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Hyper-Chlorination Services
CE Water can perform hyperchlorination services to disinfect recirculating cooling systems periodically or on an emergency basis, dependent upon contamination, operating conditions, process and/or loads.

CE Water recommends hyperchlorination when; Legionella tests results show 100 CFU/Ml, Bulk/system water results regularly exceed 400 RLU, Total aerobic bacteria counts regularly exceed 100,000 CFU/mL, (see your CE Water rep).

CE Water recommends the following hyperchlorination schedules:
  • Monthly; if warranted, considering process situations with operational leaks and/or heavy biofouling
  • Quarterly; as necessary dependent upon process, leaks and/or biofouling, (which will help reduce bio-loads)
  • Emergency; when excessive levels of contamination are detected through testing
  • Shut-Down; prior to shutting down & laying up cooling systems
  • Resume Operations: prior to resuming operation for systems laid-up wet

CE Water's technicians will; select the appropriate biocides and corrosion inhibitors, calculate dosages and recirculation times, develop safety procedures and oversee the actual application of the biocide(s). Additionally, joint decisions will be made regarding performing hyperchlorination services off-line or on-line, factoring in all safety and operational precautions.
The material provided in this bulletin is informational in nature and is not intended to be instructions for a particular location or installation. There is no guarantee, warranty or other assurance of fitness of purpose or operational performance or results either express or implied. The user assumes all risk in following the information provided. Always read and follow product safety and performance instructions on product labels, Material Data Safety Sheets and those provided specifically for your requirements by your CE Water resentative.

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