CE Water Management, Inc
Integrated Water Treatment Services: Industrial, Commercial, & Institutional

CE Water can design an effective pretreatment system which is essential to the success of your water treatment program. Consistent, high quality water is an essential start in the prevention of scale, corrosion, and fouling in your facility's water system.

CE Water provides a complete program, including equipment, pretreatment aids, and service-support, which will maximize the performance of your equipment. CE Water programs and systems reduce related difficulties and costs of water related problems that can reduce productivity and energy efficiencies.

Treatment Equipment Services
Corrosion Inhibitors
Ion Exchange Resins
Membrane cleaners
Filter Aids
Membrane cleaners
pH Adjustment
Pre-Treatment Resin
Reverse Osmosis
RO Antifoulants
Scale Inhibitors
Softening (Water)
Softening Adjuncts
Ion-Resin Renew
Ion-Resin Reviver
Back Pressure/check Valves
By-pass Feeders w/ Filter
Chemical metering pumps
Chemical Tanks & Mixers
Controllers: bleed-off, timers, blow-down, conductivity, water meter/contact, pH
DI Water Filters
Drum Pumps
E.D.I Systems
Filtration: bag, cartridge, sand, replacement-media, portables
Flow: meters, controllers, sensors
Gauges: pressure, temp, Level
Motorized Ball Valves
Panel-Mount Systems
pH Controllers
Pressure Controllers, Gauges, Transmitters, Relief valves
Pumps: chemical, peristaltic, metering, dosing
Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO)
RO System filters & cleaners
Separators (centrifugal)
Softening Systems
Solenoids & Ball Valves
Valves: solenoid, blow-down, motorized ball, pressure-relief/PRV, backflow preventioN
Water Meters
Water Softeners
Cleaning (Equipment)
Energy Management
Operator Training
Pretreat & condensate studies
Treatment Design Services
Corrosion Monitoring
Deposit Monitoring
Laboratory Analysis
Test Kits
Water analysis

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