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Non-Chemical Technologies
CE Water continuously researches the capabilities and limitations of current, new and evolving non-chemical technologies in the marketplace, as part of its corporate mission and for possible utilization in our Integrated Treatment Technologies Programs (ITTP).
CE Water is a market leader at engineering application-specific Integrated Treatment Technologies Programs (ITTP), developed to reduce/minimize the use of chemicals, if possible. (ITTPs combine specialized non-chemical treatment technologies with filtration and/or chemical supplements.) Some of those specialized technologies include:

Alternative & Specialized Treatment Technologies
  • Griswold SBC Systems & Filtration
  • Electro-Deionization Systems (EDI)
  • Chlorine Dioxide Products
  • RO/Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • UV Disinfection
  • Water Softening Programs
  • Filtration & Separation Technologies
  • Ozone Generation Systems

CE Water's ITTPs may; 1) increase your ROI, 2) meet internal environmental-policy needs, 3) reduce regulatory pressures or 4) help qualify your building for USGBC LEEDS points. CE Water's experience, expertise and track record of success may help you utilize some non-chemical technologies by combining them with filtration and/or chemical treatment supplements, in a program engineered to reduce or minimize the use of chemicals.

CE Water is your Environmentally-Responsible partner as each treatment program factors in:


Contact your CE Water rep for information on the use of non-chemical technologies.

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