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Integrated Water Treatment Services: Industrial, Commercial, & Institutional

Process Water Treatment
CE Water has a variety of products for process waters such as once through water used in chemical processing, food processing, etc. which may utilize state-of-the-art CE Water polymer technologies, custom formulated for your operation and water quality to provide optimized scale and corrosion prevention.

ONCE-THROUGH TREATMENT: CE Water programs utilize state-of-the-art polymer technology, application-specifically formulated for your operation and water quality. CE Water programs will provide maximize scale and corrosion prevention. CE Water provides environmentally-responsible technologies, to meet the strictest discharge regulations.

OTHER PROCESS WATER PRODUCTS: CE Water products prevent bacteria growth and foaming issues. We also offer rinse aids and washout aid for the food processing industry. Unique technologies are also available, including chlorine dioxide and specialized flocculants.

Process Water Treatment Products & Services
Treatment Technologies Controls & Dispensing Analysis & Testing* Consulting & Services
Alkalinity Treatment
C.I.P Treatments
Chlorine Alternatives
Flocculants & Detackifiers
Glycol & Hydronic Fluids
High-Purity Water
Microbiocides (EPA Registered)
Non-Acid Treatments
Once-Through Polymers
Passivation Products
Release Agents
Rinse & Wash Aids
Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors
Washout/Flushout Treatments
White Rust Prevention
Alkalinity Reduction
Bypass Feeders (Pot/Shot)
Chemical metering pumps
Controllers: bleed-off, timers
Filtration & Separation
Glycol ' Feeders
ORP Controllers
pH Controllers
Reverse Osmosis
Softening Systems
Solenoids & Ball Valves
Water Meters
Corrosion Monitoring
Corrosion Analysis
Deposit Monitoring
Deposit Analysis
Failure Analysis
Laboratory Analysis
On-Site Analysis
Remote Monitoring
Test Kits
Water analysis

*Most CE Water testing conducted by independent labs
Cleaning (Equipment)
Energy Management Systems
Operator Training
Plant/facility flow studies
Pretreat & condensate studies
System Design Services
Treatment Design Services
Programs available in both liquid form, as well as solid-concentrate (drumless).
The material provided in this bulletin is informational in nature and is not intended to be instructions for a particular location or installation. There is no guarantee, warranty or other assurance of fitness of purpose or operational performance or results either express or implied. The user assumes all risk in following the information provided. Always read and follow product safety and performance instructions on product labels, Material Data Safety Sheets and those provided specifically for your requirements by your CE Water representative.

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